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Lost Your Android Phone? This Simple Search Will Help Find It for You

Android users can now find their phone with a simple Google search. By  Anon.Dos  -November 26, 2016 You are too dr...

Android users can now find their phone with a simple Google search.
By Anon.Dos -November 26, 2016

You are too drunk and forgot your phone at the bar; maybe you were at a crowded place and someone picked it up; or perhaps it just slid under the sofa and searching for it again seems like a miserable thing to do. Well, keeping this in mind, Google came up with a plan to make this process a lot easier – at least in some cases – for Android phones. The process is simple: just type ‘find my phone’ on Google’s website, and the next thing you know, it’ll be showing you your device’s location.

Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of ‘find my phone’ showing in the search results.
However, in order for you to take full advantage of this function, an Android user should be logged into Google Chrome from their desktop, and using the same email address as on their phone. In addition, the users should have the updated version of Google Apps on their phone, and the location of the phone should be set to active. Assuming these things are updated and active, typing ‘find my phone’ will open a new search result with your phone’s information on the top of its page.
Furthermore, the results will show your phone’s location (only active if your phone’s location is set to active) using Google Maps, and offers options such as ‘Ring it’ and ‘Recover’. ‘Ring it’ come in handy when you have misplaced your phone in your office or your home and can’t seem to find it. This option will ring your phone at full volume for five minutes.However, the options for ‘Recover’ are equally useful if you’ve lost your phone, and give you options such as calling your phone via a known contact, or calling your device using Google Hangouts.
The second option gives the user help from the carrier, providing you with steps to disable your SIM card or redirect your calls to a new number.
The third and final option helps you find the police station, or a lost and found centre close to the spot where your phone was lost, or is being shown on the map.

Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of Android Device Manager as shown on Google Play.
In the past, if Android users needed to use these services, the Android Device Manager app needed to be installed on the phone. To fully use the service, you had to activate it, as it was set to ‘off’ by default. Now, with the new updates, Android has made things easier, even though it is a web-based program.


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