Virtual Dj Keyboard Shortcuts 100+

Virtual Dj Keyboard Shortcuts 100+

Virtual Dj gets easier and more accurate with the use of these shortcuts.

tabselect on active deck
ctrl+tabmenu +1
ctrl+shft+tabmenu -1
shft+Pplay temporary
Leftnudge +256
Rightnudge -256
Shft+Leftnudge +4
Shft+Rightnudge -4
Ctrl+Leftskip_beat -1
Ctrl+Rightskip_beat +1
Ctrl+Shft+Leftskip_beat -4
Ctrl+Shft+Rightskip_beat 4
num-pitch -8
num+pitch +8
shft+num-pitch -1
shft+num+pitch +1
ctrl+num-pitch -306
ctrl+num+pitch +306
num*pitch reset
Page upcrossfader -128
Page downcrossfader +128
Ctrl+Page Upcrossfader 0
Ctrl+Page Downcrossfader 4096
Shft+Page Upcrossfader -16

Shft+Page Downcrossfader +16
leftskip_beat -4
rightskip_beat +4
endskip_beat -1
pg.downskip_beat +1
homeskip_beat -16
pg.upskip_beat +16
shft+leftskip_beat temporary -4
shft+rightskip_beat temporary +4
shft+endskip_beat temporary -1
shft+pg.downskip_beat temporary +1
shft+homeskip_beat temporary -16
shft+pg.upskip_beat temporary +16
escloop 0
41loop 0
1loop 1
2loop 2
4loop 4
5loop 8
6loop 16
7loop 32
8loop 25
9loop 50
0loop reset
shft+1loop temporary 1
shft+2loop temporary 2
shft+4loop temporary 4
shft+5loop temporary 8
shft+6loop temporary 16
shft+7loop temporary 32
shft+8loop temporary 25
shft+9loop temporary 50
shft+0loop temporary reset
alt+1goto_cue 1
alt+2goto_cue 2
alt+3goto_cue 3
alt+4goto_cue 4
alt+5goto_cue 5
alt+6goto_cue 6
alt+7goto_cue 7
alt+8goto_cue 8
alt+9goto_cue 9
alt+0goto_cue 10
ctrl+1set_cue 1
ctrl+2set_cue 2
ctrl+3set_cue 3
ctrl+4set_cue 4
ctrl+5set_cue 5
ctrl+6set_cue 6
ctrl+7set_cue 7
ctrl+8set_cue 8
ctrl+9set_cue 9
ctrl+0set_cue 10

sample 1
f2sample 2
f3sample 3
f4sample 4
f5sample 5
f6sample 6
f7sample 7
f8sample 8
f9sample 9
f10sample 10
f11sample 11
f12sample 12
shft+f1sample temporary 1
shft+f2sample temporary 2
shft+f3sample temporary 3
shft+f4sample temporary 4
shft+f5sample temporary 5
shft+f6sample temporary 6
shft+f7sample temporary 7
shft+f8sample temporary 8
shft+f9sample temporary 9
shft+f10sample temporary 10
shft+f11sample temporary 11
shft+f12sample temporary 12





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