Activate Amazon Prime With Unlimited Validity For Free {Amazon Prime Free LifeLong}

Hi guys, hope you are enjoying our tricks and loots. In this article we are discussing about amazon prime unlimited validity trick. I think you guys already heard about amazon prime and using it well. Recently Amazon prime launched in India and amazon offered 60 days free membership for amazon prime. Yeah it was a great offer from amazon. But it’s just for 2 months. what about after that ? After that amazon prime costs $99 per year [ Now it is available for Usd 7.4]. It’s little costly but guys don’t worry; now you don’t need to pay this $99 for amazon prime. here sharing some tricks that provides you amazon prime for free. Not limited to some days. here we are sharing all amazon prime subscription tricks. Using below tricks you can use amazon prime even life long for free. Or in other words, you can activate amazon prime free for 1 year, 2 year or life long.
What is Amazon primeI know all visitors landed here already know well about amazon prime and it’s uses. But for a starting i am just explaining what is amazon prime and it’s advantages here.
>> With amazon Prime you can enjoy free delivery on all amazon prime enabled products. 
>> You don’t need to pay delivery charges for prime satisfied products on amazon. There are no minimum amount to eligible for free delivery.
Without amazon prime, some products get qualify for free delivery if you buy for Usd 7.4+. yeah there are some services like that. but with amazon prime you don’t need to bother about the minimum amount. All your order[ even if it is less than Usd 7.4] which satisfies prime, then you will be eligible for free delivery
>> You will get 1 day fast free delivery with prime [ for some selected locations]
>> you will get 2 day fast free delivery with amazon prime[ for some selected locations]
>> you are able to access lightening deals earlier than the actual staring time.
>> also there will be some exclusive special lightening deals and discount offer for amazon prime customers.

As I said above amazon prime launched in India 2 months before and amazon provided free 2 months subscription for amazon prime as launching offer. Almost everyone tried this. The amazon prime really useful. Me too tried the free 2 months trail of amazon prime and enjoyed the service. But mine subscription got expired some days before. After free trail we need to pay $99 for 1 year amazon prime subscription[ Now the price changed to Usd 7.4]. It’s little big for me. 🙂 So i searched for some tricks for free amazon prime subscription. Yeah I got succeed, I found some tricks to activate amazon prime with unlimited validity. that is you can activate amazon prime for 1 year 2 year or for life long for free.

We are getting many messages on this same topic, many visitors asking – can i get amazon prime free trail again ? this article will answer this.

So friends, what you are looking for? Read further and activate amazon prime for free with unlimited validity.
Activate Amazon Prime With Unlimited Validity For Free {Amazon Prime Free Life Long}

Tricks to Activate amazon prime free for life long – amazon prime unlimited validity tricks

Method 1: Activate Amazon prime free again after trial 

1. Goto amazon  website and login to your existing account or create a new account. we suggest you to create a new account.
2. Goto amazon prime page and click on join prime today link
3. select your shipping address there. create a new address /update old one.
4. Thats it. Now it’s time to trick. On the payment page, select net banking as payment method.
5. click on pay button. 
6. Now you will be redirected to payment gateway. when redirected to payment gateway just close the tab. 
7. Now goto amazon site and login to the same account. Now you are activated amazon prime successfully for free. It will be valid for sometime. Before it cancel, buy any product that you want.
You can use this trick many times so you can enjoy amazon prime free fro life long. whenever you want to buy some products follow these steps. Enjoy free amazon prime subscription for unlimited years.

Method 2: Get Amazon prime for unlimited years free – activate amazon prime free again after 60 day free trial

1. Goto amazon  website and login to your existing account or create a new account. we suggest you to create a new account.
2. Goto amazon prime page and click on join on amazon prime button
3. Now amazon prime service will be added to your shopping cart. It will cost around Usd 7.4. But don’t worry, you are not going to pay that.
5. proceed to checkout. select any shipping address. please note that here you need to use pincode of any metro city. You can use 400001.
6. Now on payment option, select cash on delivery as payment method. and also uncheck ‘use gift card balance’.Then order ‘amazon prime’ with cod.
7. Now your amazon account will be activated with amazon prime instantly. 
8. Then buy any products from amazon prime to your actual address.
9. after ordering your products, cancel the amazon prime service order [ which done through cod at first steps]
10. Now everything is normal again. 
You can use this method whenever you want to order something from amazon. This trick will activate amazon prime free instantly on your amazon account. You will get amazon prime subscription for free without paying Usd 7.4 per year by  this tricks.
I hope this tricks worked well for you also. If you have some suggestions or queries related to this article ‘amazon prime unlimited validity trick’ then comment it below.
also please share this trick ‘ activate amazon prime free without paying Usd 7.4 ‘ with your friends through social networks. SHARING IS CARING. 🙂
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