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Phlearn Pro – Advanced Lighting & Coloring in Photoshop Free

Get complete control over the highlights and shadows of any photo for perfect color toning, lighting effects, exposure adjustments, and sea...

Get complete control over the highlights and shadows of any photo for perfect color toning, lighting effects, exposure adjustments, and seamless composites. This is the best way to edit photos in Photoshop!

Up your editing game and avoid that ‘Photoshopped’ look with the power of Luminance Blending.

Lighting, Coloring & Compositing

What is Luminosity Blending?

Luminosity Blending allows you to blend Layers and effects into only the highlights or shadows of an image. You can lighten the dark areas of a portrait without affecting the highlights, add stylistic color by coloring the highlights and shadows independently, and even make composites look seamless by matching the light and color between multiple photos.

Blending Options in Photoshop

There are a variety of tools in Photoshop that allow you to blend Layers and images together. Whether you’re looking to add a new sky into a landscape or you want professional-grade dodging and burning on a portrait, this tutorial breaks down how Luminosity Blending can improve any photo.

Tools for Compositing

The key to a believable composite image is matching the light and color between photos. We walk you through multiple compositing examples where we demonstrate how to match the lighting and the color, making it appear as though elements from two photos were all captured in the same scene.

Highlights & Shadows

Light and shadow are the defining features of any photograph. We show you multiple tools and techniques that allow you to edit those areas of light and dark independently – carefully sculpting your edits for a more professional finish.

Dodge & Burn

Learn how to enhance the highlights and darken the shadows of a portrait to add stunning shape and definition. Dodging and burning is an essential retouching skill and we show you how to get the most professional results possible.

Light Effects

Learn how to fix the exposure of an image to bring out details that were lost, match the lighting between two scenes in a composite, and even create realistic light rays from scratch. Adjust lighting and create beautiful lighting effects with Luminosity Blending in Photoshop.

Precision & Control

The fastest way to achieve professional-looking results in Photoshop is to avoid tools that make large, crude selections and adjustments. We show you how to make pixel-perfect selections and Layer Masks that will help your edits look more natural than ever.

Advanced Masking

The more detailed you can make a Layer Mask, the better the edit will be. We show you how to use the information from an image and apply it to a Layer Mask for photorealistic edits and adjustments.

Adjust Exposure

Brighten shadows, enhance highlights, and bring out the details. Master the techniques of Luminosity Blending and learn to fix the exposure of any image.


Creative coloring can often be the most fun part of editing a photo. Add deep blues into the shadows of a photo and vibrant yellows into the highlights or even blend three, four, or five colors to create a unique look that’s all your own.

Color Matching

Have you ever tried to place a person into a new background and you can’t quite get the colors to match? Learn how to add and remove color casts to realistically place any person or object into a new environment.

Sky Replacement

Have you ever taken what you thought was the perfect landscape photo but the sky was washed out and overexposed? Luminosity Blending can help! Replace any sky easily and accurately to make your landscape images even more impressive.

Blend If

If you haven’t used Blend If before, prepare to meet your new favorite tool in Photoshop. Blend If allows you to blend a layer into the highlights, midtones, and shadows of another. Whether you’re fixing exposure, coloring, or compositing, this tool is useful in nearly any situation.

Apply Image

At its most basic level, Apply Image creates a copy of your entire image on a new layer. While it may seem simple, it’s a tool that has a wide variety of applications and near unlimited depth. Learn everything there is to know about how Apply Image works and how to use it to create precision edits.


Channels are one of the most accurate selection tools in Photoshop, allowing you to make a selection based off of the color and contrast in a photo. Learn how to use Channels in combination with Adjustment Layers to make precision edits to any photo.

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