Twitter's New soft block feature


What is a soft block?

When you block someone on Twitter, your account cannot be followed by that person anymore. Soft blocks, on the other hand, will not permanently delete the follower but, unlike blocking, it will not appear on a user's profile page. In Twitter's latest privacy announcement, it noted that "the block feature helps us focus our resources on higher-quality interactions". For now, the only way to access the soft block feature is via a bug. The first test is in Canada and users in France will get to try out the feature by the end of August, according to TechCrunch. Users will also get to know about the "clear unfollow button" if they are followed by somebody they don't want to be followed by.

How to use this new tool?

Just go to your profile page. Tap the "followers" option from the drop-down menu. On your profile, there's the option to change your "more options" setting. It lets you choose the list of followers you want to add. You can add as many followers to this list as you want. Since it is a feature for Twitter, you can select the option to block everyone or you can choose the option to remove only the selected people. This option has also been made available on the profile, according to Mashable. Soft block basically restricts someone from following or creating new accounts for you for two weeks. This feature will be rolled out in coming weeks to users worldwide.

Why would I want to soft-block someone?

According to TNW, soft-blocking on Twitter "can allow an account to escape targeted harassment, enable the privileged to maintain a distance between their communications and their target, and communicate without receiving a third-party subpoena." In simpler terms, soft-blocking can be used as an alternative to blocking someone so that they can read what you tweet but can't interact with you in the way that they wanted. This is particularly useful when dealing with workplace harassment, abuse or stalking. The trick to the soft block process is to de-follow a user to prevent them from seeing your tweets, not following you back and not using the blue button to notify them about the change.